• I can’t find my results on the site?

    Please email Track Times on the Contact Us Page with any issues relating to your results.

  • How long do the results take to appear on the website?

    We try to get race results onto the website within 48 hours although from time to time this may take longer, follow our social feeds for race result updates.

  • Can I book Track Times for our event?

    Yes Please – however we are booked most weekends from Feb to November so if you do wish to book our system we advise you book early and contact the team via the contact us page.

  • What do I do if I lose the transponder while racing?

    Please inform Track Times and the event organizers at the earliest possible time, on the very rare occasion a transponder comes off the bike they are usually found by the stewards or other racers. If the transponder is not found, you are liable for the full replacement cost of the device. This is the main reason we insist on holders being purchased by all riders.

  • What do I do, I took mine home by mistake?

    It happens sometimes, first thing is please call us and let us know you are aware. We ask that you send it next day special delivery no later than 48 hours after the event, in a jiffy bag to the address on the contact page, we also ask that you inform the post office you are returning a child’s toy as they may refuse to send it back.

  • I am not sure if my results are correct?

    This would be very unusual as our system has been working for over 10 years at major events all over the UK, however if you do spot something you feel is not right, we ask you send this in via the Contact us page and our team will at it.

  • Can I buy a transponder system from you?

    We can put you in touch with the Track Times UK Head Office, who are the UK supplier of the Weer System and they can advise you further. Please send these requests via the Contact Us page.