About Us

Track Times UK was founded in 2009 by Kevin Butt who has built the Track Times UK brand to one of the UK’s leading Sports Timing businesses. Kevin has always had a passion with Motor Bikes and Motocross, a keen rider himself with grown up sons who share the same passion.
At the end of 2018 Kevin decided he wanted to spend more time on the Track with his family and less time doing the timings (a well-deserved break) opening an opportunity for the Track Times South West team to form and continue the hard work and dedication seen over the last 10 years.
With that Track Times South West Limited has been formed and with a rental agreement in place for the equipment we are able to offer the same great service and continue the Track Times UK brand for the future.
We have not done any huge changes other than creating this website which has been discussed over the last couple of years. We want to be able to offer organizer and riders a one stop shop solution for all your timing and event information for the Classic Motorcycle and Enduro racing events with the Track Times UK timing system.
We offer a full-service solution to event organizers and riders at events across the UK. We now have over 30 events from Cumbria to Penzance. With events being every weekend, we are out timing from February to November every year.
We look forward to seeing on a track very soon.